D A L I T   L I T E R A T U R E   A N D   I T S   V I E W S
In the context of the national struggle of Kannadigas, the non-dalits at times have shown 'dalit response' while writing. Even Dalits had written during that period. Among them Devaraya Ingale is the first person. The name after him is of Kumara Kakkaiah Pola. Being a reformist Dalit writer he has written with the Dalit response, in such a way that, one has to admit there is none in the field with such a vast writing. He has also contributed to dramatics, fictions and poetry.

The names following them are of Devanooru Mahadeva, Siddhalingaiah, Dr.Aravind Malagatti and others. Though the fire of Dalit literature was kindled by Devanooru Mahadeva and Sidhalingaiah, Dr. Aravind Malagatti, who has contributed a lot in providing a theoretical stand to it, gave the theoretical authenticity to it. [ Refer: Author index ]

Late Devaiah Harave, Dr. Aravind Malgatti and Dr. M.N. Javaraih- these names make their appearance from the other side- talking about, discussing and assessing Dalit literature. In the initial stages of Dalit movement, the one who spoke critically about the writings with definite stand on Dalit literature is Devaiah Harave. His demise is a loss to Dalit literature. Dr. Aravind Malagatti and Dr. M.N. Javaraih have put their works in the field of fiction poetry academic and thoughtful writings.

L.Hanumanthiah and Munivenkatappa, both have been recognized as poets. Both have three collections of poems to their credit. One can identify urban dalit consciousness in their writings. Munivenkatappa was in the talks due to his poem collection 'Kendada Naduve' [Amidst the burning coal]. L.Hanumanthiah has contributed to the field of short stories. Gangaram Chandala provided thoughtful works closely related to Dalitha Sangharsha Samithi. His work is a handbook for the forth-coming organizers. The poem 'Chandalara koogu' puts forth the plight of literate Dalit in a smooth and direct way.

   The other Dalit poets who are talked about are H. Govindaiah,       K.B. Siddhaiah and Mulloor Nagaraj. The works 'Bakala' of K.B.Siddhaih and Mullooru Nagaraja's 'Nelada Jogula' have chiseled the thoughts with experience and have taken the form of beautiful sculptures. Their works shine with the luster of seriousness and strength. K.B. Siddhaiah has shown maturity in his very first collection of poems. Mulloor Nagraj has taken the glory of poetry in his hand through his ballads. His novel, though containing the strength of folk, is of rebelling nature.

In addition to these, there are others like Janardana Erpakatte, Shivarudra Kallolikar,Thumbadi Ramaiah, Lakshman and so on. There are some writers who have resumed their writing like Indudhara Honnapura, Shivaji Ganesh, H.Balaraj and others. Bidding adieu to some writers and welcoming the new, the Dalit literature has stood firm. The credit of this strong stand goes to all the above-mentioned writers and their efforts.